Rig Shakers

The rig shaker is the simpler of two types of shale shakers. A rig shaker (also called Primary Shale Shaker or Coarse Screen Shaker) is the most common type of solids control equipment found on drilling rigs. Unless it is replaced by a fine screen shaker, the rig shaker should be the first piece of solids control equipment that the mud flows through after coming out of the hole. It is usually inexpensive to operate and simple to maintain

Standard rig shakers generally have certain characteristics in common:

  • Single rectangular screening surface  usually about 4™ x 5™ in size. Some designs have utilized dual screens, dual decks and dual units in parallel to provide more efficient solids separation and greater thoughput. Depending on the particular unit and screen mesh used, capacity of rig shakers can vary from 100-1600 GPM or more.

  • A low-thrust horizontal vibrator mechanism, using eccentric weights mounted above, or central to, the screen basket.

  • Vibration supports to isolate the screen basket from its skid

  • Skid with built-in mud box and a bypass mechanism.