About Us

Operations Capability / Capacity

Since 1979 Mud Control Equipment has been located at 100 West Angus inYoungsville, Louisiana. This is our sole location for both office and shop facilities. Our labor force is completely non-union and we have a large inventory of equipment available to our customers.

We are constantly expanding our facilities and our equipment line to meet the needs of our customers with financial reserves capable of sustaining a large expansion of our present services. Our research and development programs are directed towards increasing the efficiency of our services. This allows us to provide efficient service and equipment at no extra cost while maintaining the highest standards of safety to all persons involved and to the environment.

We own trucks and trailers that are used to deliver men and equipment to the job site and dock facility. We also contract major trucking firms.

Internal Programs 

Our service department is second to none. Upon arrival all equipment is completely dismantled and checked thoroughly for all problems.

Wear is checked, closely monitored, and recorded in our equipment service files.

Once corrective repairs are made and reassembly is complete every piece of equipment is thoroughly tested under running conditions using drilling fluid at our testing facilities. They are then recleaned, painted, and stored.

Prior to leaving for the next job they are again test run to assure proper operation upon arrival at the job site. They are again washed out and cleaned before shipping.

At Mud Control we do not wait for customers to call with a problem or breakdown. We require our service department to check our equipment no less than once weekly to assure trouble-free operation. Upon rig up our service technicians provide training to rig personnel that will be operating our equipment to assure the most efficient use to our customers and to avoid costly repairs due to incorrect usage.

Mud Control's research and development programs were instituted to make our present operations more efficient and cost effective and to pioneer new technologies in the fields of Solids Control and Environmental concerns.

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